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Direct Credits

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You can have your salary and other payments (such as pensions, tax refunds, dividends etc) directly deposited to your account using the direct credit facility.

Money deposited to your account this way is immediately available, so no more waiting for cheques to clear.

You can also arrange to have your direct credits split between the accounts you nominate, to allow you to:

  • make a loan repayment
  • deposit to a savings account
  • pay pocket money to a child’s account

To arrange for direct credits to your account, simply provide the remitter with the following information: 

Requested information Details required
Financial Institution Quay Credit Union Ltd
Address Level 9, 44-48 Hunter Street Sydney NSW 2000
BSB 802 355
Account Number Your member number (eg. 1234)* or 9 digit account number#
Account Name Member's name (eg. J Citizen)


*Do not include account types such as S1 etc.
#Your 9 digit account number is detailed on your statement.

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